Colour selection - Things to consider when choosing a paint colour for your Bathroom Furniture or Furniture For Your Home...


We provide a colour matching service to any paint colour available from all leading brands. What this means is that most of the time we match the paint colour to a special bathroom appropriate formula which is actually a 10% sheen. Our formula means that you get a beautiful matt effect which is easy to clean and wipe down, and gives a nice smooth finish.

We typically paint using a specially formulated Lacquer which is particularly suited to the bathroom environment as well as other areas of high use where a more hardwearing coating is required than what a standard emulsion or eggshell paint may give. This ensures adequate protection of your furniture in any setting giving longevity as opposed to a standard paint brush applied eggshell which would not last very long in a moist environment and would be more difficult to care for.


The way you apply paint can vary its' appearance, as can the number of coats you give it and whether you use a primer or not, an often overlooked element of decoration but one that plays an important role in the final colour. A wall you may paint today and then touch up months later with the same paint often reveals where you touched it up.



We've all done it, collected a colour swatch card from a DIY store, loved the colour, bought the paint, only to then paint a wall and find it looks completely different? Here at Harvey George we have a collection of paint brand sample books from the same brand of paint where each year the colours look marginally or totally different and often bear no resemblance to the actual paint colour when applied. It's just the nature of paint and how colour can look different in certain conditions.


Often is the case that we are trying to achieve a complimentary colour scheme when we decorate and co-ordinate a space in the home and so a close shade in the same palette is enough. However, where colour matching is critical - the most effective way to achieve optimal results is to send us a painted out sample (with a few coats) of your own paint on a scrap piece of wood - and then using a colour spectrometer we can specifically match to that. This is useful for clients as they can then ensure an even closer match to their own actual batch of paint - rather than hoping to match to a paper or card sample which can sometimes be misleading and rarely gives a true likeness when applied.

NOTE: When analysing a sample with a spectrometer, the device can pick up on light and dark shades - so you should try to achieve a good, continuous and even coat with as little variation as possible.


Please be advised that even when colour matched, your furniture may look different in certain lighting conditions. When painting your furniture to match a wall paint (a different type of paint) the overall look may change depending on the setting at various times in the day as lighting changes, and also in different light. Here's a handy little guide on some considerations when working with colour....



Colour matching is a complex process, with several factors that will and can affect the end result. SWATCHES, TESTER POTS, BATCHES, APPLICATION - It is important to note that despite paint formulas being consistent and carefully blended using cutting edge technology as found in major DIY stores, any colour can show variation in many ways and for different reasons; whether it's a thicker coat, an undercoat or primer has been used, a variation in the method of application, the level of sheen in the paint, the type of paint used and more - all these things can make colour appear different. Here at Harvey George, we endeavour to give the best match to colours to ensure your furniture fits perfectly into your colour scheme. A shade difference is often unavoidable due to the points raised above - but rest assured we work hard to deliver the best match we can which meets your expectation.

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