To prolong the life and beauty of your cabinetry. here are some general product care and maintenance tips.

We take great care in building quality cabinetry and ensuring that furniture arrives in excellent condition, however normal everyday use may result in the need for small - touch ups and adjustments so we have produced these handy tips to help you get the most out of your furniture.

Daily Care

Daily care for your cabinets is simple and easy. The key is to wipe up spills and water marks when they occur. Be especially attentive in the areas where water is prominent. Do not hang wet towels over cabinet doors as over time, this moisture exposure can cause irreversible damage to the finish.


Dust cabinets and furniture frequently with a slightly dampened cloth or a spray-type dust remover. Do not use harsh chemicals and these can cause damage to the surface.

Long-Term Care

We recommend that you wash and polish cabinets once or twice each year depending on use. Use a light coat of a high quality, oil-based furniture polish. Do not use paste, wax, or polishes that contain silicone. The build-up is dif´Čücult to remove and will leave a residue that attracts dust.

Care Kit

We provide a general maintenance kit which can help maintain your furniture in tip-top condition.  CLICK HERE